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Notice Board

Class Cancellation Notice For 29 Oct, 2017

All classes of undergraduate programs scheduled on Sunday, 29 October have been cancelled Due to Fresher Orientation program. The date of make-up classes will be announced later.

Zohara Nazneen
Deputy Registrar

Notice For Clearing Dues Payment

The students of all programs are hereby requested to clear total dues for Fall 2017 by 12 November 2017. No one can sit for midterm exam unless paying the said amount.
It is also to be noted that Mid-term Examination of Fall semester 2017 will be held from 19th November to 26th November, 2017.

Zohara Nazneen
Deputy Registrar

Orientation Notice For Fall Semester 2017

The Orientation of all newly admitted undergraduate and graduate students of Fall Semester 2017 will be held on Sunday, 29th October at 11.00 a.m. at Auditorium of Canadian University of Bangladesh.

Professor Abdul Mannan, Chairman, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest.

All Freshers, Advisors, Heads, Faculty Members and Officials are cordially invited to attend the ceremony.

The fresher students of all programs are requested to be seated in the Auditorium by 10:30am.

Brigadier General Md. Asaduzzaman Subhani (Retd)

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Notice For Course Advising Of Undergraduate Programs Of Fall Semester 2017

The students of all undergraduate programs who have not completed their course registration for Fall 2017, are advised to contact their respective course advisor by 17 October, 2017.
A fine will be imposed if a student fails to do advising within due date.

Notice For Course Adding/dropping For Graduate Programs (mba/emba) Of Fall Semester 2017

The students of all Graduate programs will be allowed to drop / add a course without fine in below timetable.

Date Day Time
19/10/2017 Thursday 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
20/10/2017 Friday 9:00 am-10:00 am
21/10/2017 Saturday 4:00 pm-6:00 pm

A fine will be imposed if a student fails to do within due date.

Updated Academic Calendar Fall 2017


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Notice For Incomplete Course Registration

The students of all programs are hereby requested to complete their incomplete (I) course registration during the registration period till 3rd October,2017. Also, note that if a course with ‘I’ grade is not completed by the next two trimesters, the grade of the course will automatically be converted to ‘F’ and he/she will have to repeat the course and must pay the full course fees.

Incomplete Registration (absence in either final exam or midterm exam only) fee: Tk. 2000/- per course.

Zohara Nazneen
Deputy Registrar

Attendance Notice

Attendance notice for Students

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Notice For Students Code Of Conduct

The following types of misconducts may be treated as the criminal offense and anyone may be imposed for expulsion from the university and handed over to law-enforcing agency for violating any of them.
1. Abusive or disorderly behavior.
2. Sexual harassment and obscenity in any form.
3. Physical assault in any form.
4. Direct or indirect threat or coercion.
5. Showing any close intimacy with opposite sex such as holding hands or talking about sex.
6. Uploading of indecent pictures or making indecent and untruthful comments in social media or distribute them via online and/or offline media.
7. Smoking inside the campus.
8. Possession of alcoholic and narcotic drugs.
9. Possession of any kind of weapons and harmful stuff
10. Any kind of verbal, non-verbal, mental, and/or physical harassment.
Students are suggested to follow the abovementioned codes of conduct and respect the rights of others seriously in the premise of the university or while using any online media.

Zohara Nazneen
Deputy Registrar

Notice For Wearing Id Card In The Cub Premises

It is being observed with concern that some students are found in the Classrooms without their ID Cards although wearing ID Cards have been made mandatory for all CUB students while they are in the CUB Premises.
In view of the above, all CUB students are instructed to wear ID Cards during their stay at the CUB Campus.
Fresher Students who have not collected ID Cards yet, please collect it from Students Service Wings Immediately.

Zohara Nazneen
Deputy Registrar

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