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B.Sc. In EEE (Bachelor Of Science In Electrical And Electronic Engineering)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is an area whose subjects have been changing at a tremendous rate as society evolves. Our goal is to provide well educated and skilled engineers who will be fully devoted to the core technical aspects of engineering. Courses include basic science, mathematics, laboratory experience and training for the use of modern equipment for measurement and design. Opportunities under the EEE department includes design and operation in electrical power generation, transmission & distribution; maintenance of electrical machines- motors, generators, switchgears and helping students become familiar with telecommunication, satellite and radio systems. The department has laboratories with cutting edge infrastructure and facilities. We expect students will learn to apply their knowledge in Electronics to think more methodically and provide solutions for problems.

Key features of our MBA program include:

  • Minimum GPA 2.50 each at SSC and HSC/Diploma ( If GPA is below 2.50 then minimum GPA 2.00 and total GPA 6.00 is required)
  • O Level-5 subjects, GPA 2.50 and A Level -2 subjects, GPA-2.00 ( One E grade is accepted in 7 subjects)
  • Candidates of GED courses must have 410 marks in 5 subjects individually and 450 marks on average out of 800 marks.
  • The students who have sat for HSC and are waiting for results can have provisional admission. However published result is needed for admission confirmation.
  • Students must have Science background.
  • Candidates who have finished school abroad have to submit verified/attested copies of previous academic documents from their institute/Foreign Ministry & Equivalence Certificate from Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka.

Areas Credit hours
EEE Core courses-I    88
Core courses-II   33
Elective/Streams   12
GED Courses   18
Open Electives     3
Total 154
A student may also be required to take non-credit, remedial courses in English to make up his/her deficiency.