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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

School of Business aims to produce high quality graduates who will be able to place themselves in top ranked positions in local and global companies. The school offers both undergraduate and post graduate programs. At the undergraduate level, the School offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), a four-year program which prepares students to excel in challenging business environments or in higher academic studies. School of Business combines best practices from academia and industry to and seeks to impart contemporary business practices to its graduates.


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 both in SSC and HSC examinations or equivalent,
  • Or At least one GPA of 2.00 but aggregate GPA of 6.00 in SSC and HSC,
  • Or O'Level in 5 subjects with a minimum GPA 2.50 & A'Level in 2 subjects with a minimum GPA 2.00 (A = 5, B = 4, C = 3, D = 2, E = 1)
  • Or Sons/daughters of freedom fighters with an aggregate GPA of 5.00 in SSC and HSC.

Areas No.of Courses Credit Hours
1. General Education (Basic Requirement) 8 24
2. Allied/ Foundation Courses (Non-business) 14 42
3. Core/Functional Courses (business) 9 27
4. Concentration Courses 6 18
5. Free Elective/Minor Courses 3 9
6. Capstone Course 1 3
7. Internship - 3
Total         41 126
A student may also be required to take non-credit, remedial courses in English to make up his/her deficiency.