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It gives me immense pleasure to know that Canadian University of Bangladesh is going to celebrate its 1st anniversary in a befitting manner. On the eve of the celebration, I extend my sincere thanks and felicitations to its Board of Trustees, faculty members, students, and all concerned.

The aims of a university are to provide the students with world standard education and widen the domain of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, university is a seat of higher learning, research and innovation as well as a unique centre of free and creative thinking. I am happy to learn that since its inception Canadian University of Bangladesh is playing a pivotal role in broadening educational opportunities for our dynamic and vigorous pool of talent, giving emphasis on inspiring applied knowledge.

In order to achieve proper education, a university has to adapt to the challenges of a fast-changing education sector and the increasing demand for a flexible learning framework. I am confident that Canadian University of Bangladesh will provide its students an engrossing experience that will enable them to compete at a global level.

I am sure that Canadian University of Bangladesh will never compromise with the quality of education and will render their best efforts for the well-being of the students imbued with the sense of patriotism and dedication. I wish the students of this University a bright future.

I wish the 1st Anniversary celebration of Canadian University of Bangladesh a grand success.

Khoda Hafez, May Bangladesh Live Forever.