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Sajeda Chowdhury Library

1. Introduction

Library is a place for acquiring knowledge and gathering information that gives people the opportunity to find jobs, explore research, and experience new ideas. To fulfill this aim, Canadian University of Bangladesh has a full – furnished library. The name of university library is Sajeda Chowdhury Library. This Library named after Sajeda Chowdhury, mother of Dr. Chowdhury Nafeez Sarafat, Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees of Canadian University of Bangladesh.
Sajeda Chowdhury Library (CHL) started its journey from the beginning of the university in 2016 and now it is a resourceful library. This is a modern library uses Library Management Systems developed by the university that supports automated circulations (lending and receiving) and other day-to-day activities. The library users can check their borrowing status from university website by using the user ID and password. This university library used Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) systems to organize and arrange books, reports, journals and other resources.

The library consists of a floor with over 2200 square ft. area at the 10th floor of the CUB Campus at Banani, Dhaka. It can accommodate about 100 students at a time in its well-furnished reading rooms. On an average 200 users use the library every day.


2. Resources

CHL has a total number of 2500 printed books, reports and bound journals, Wiley online library of 3500 e-books, 100 DVDs and videos, a good numbers of other resources of the library cover all branches of knowledge. In addition to these collections, the library subscribes print issues of foreign and local journals and almost all leading national dailies of Bangladesh. All registered members of Canadian University of Bangladesh get access to online library from inside campus through Internet.

3. Online Resources - Wiley E-Books

Wiley is an international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing platform of John Wiley & Sons Company. Wiley Online Library is a part of John Wiley & Sons Company. Sajeda Chowdhury Library’s subscription to Wiley E-books comprises with:

Sl. No. Disciplines E-book Titles
01 Humanities and Social Sciences 705
02 Engineering 606
03 Law 31
04 Life Sciences and Geography 544
05 Business, Management and Marketing 447
06 Medicine 479
07 Science and Technology 688

4. Library Services

  1. E-Book Facility: Students, faculty members and other users can access and download e-books through any computer of the university from the following databases through the following link -http://www.wileyindia.com/Wiley_Online_Resources/UGC%20Bangladesh/UGC%20Bangladesh.html
  2. Internet Facility: Apart from the Computer Lab, Sajeda Chowdhury Library provides internet services through WIFI connections.
  3. Reading Room Facilities: Sajeda Chowdhury Library maintains a reading room including silent study area, group study area and teachers’ corner where the total seating capacity is about 100.
  4. Reference Service: Reference materials (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Newspapers, Journals, Magazines, Reports, Theses, etc.) are for the use inside the library, cannot be issued out.
  5. Photocopy Service: The library provides photocopy facilities of library resources to the users if it is permitted under the national and international copyright laws.
  6. Pigeon Hole Service: Library users can use pigeon hole to keep their personal belongings.

5. Rules and Regulations of Sajeda Chowdhury Library

  1. The library is open to all who have valid CUB ID Card that must be shown at the entrance of the reading room. Silence is strictly maintained at the study zone. Users should respect the needs of others.
  2. The consumption of foods and drinks are not permitted in the library.
  3. Personal possessions should not be allowed in the library except exercise book (khata), pen, geometry box and calculator.
  4. Mobile phones must be kept silent inside the library.
  5. Library users are expected to follow CUB Code of Conduct. Any misconduct with the officials, interference with study environment, and damage to any property will lead to expulsion from the library /library membership and must compensate the university for any damage caused.
  6. Library member can use personal book by the permission of Circulation Desk.

Borrower Guidelines

  1. CUB ID cards stand as library card for borrowing library resources.
  2. Faculty Members are entitled to borrow five (5) books at a time for a period of one (1) semester.
  3. Student may borrow two (2) books at a time for a maximum period seven (7) days. If this book is needed more than this time, then it can be renewed for same period for two (2) times.
  4. Reference book/ journal/ magazine/ newspaper/ dissertation/ report and confined materials are not offered for loan.
  5. Circulation services start 15 minutes after the library open and close 15 minutes before the library closes.

Fine Policy

  1. After the expiry of due date for each item borrowed, Tk. 10.00 per day will be charged as fine including weekends and holydays.
  2. Borrower will be responsible for the compensation of lost item(s) which included full price plus 10% penalty or the same copy of reading items and accumulated fines for the period. The calculation for the compensation will be done by the library authority.
  3. A fine of Tk.2,000 plus current price of the book will be charged for any theft of the library material(s).

Additional Guidelines

  1. Library users are advised to deposit their personal possessions/belongings like, books, files, bags, briefcases, umbrellas, overcoat, jackets, newspapers, helmets etc. to the pigeon hole counter before entering into the library.
  2. After depositing the personal possessions, user will have to collect a token which is to be shown at the time of getting back the possessions. If the token is lost, Tk. 100.00 (One Hundred) will be charged as fine for each token.
  3. Valuables like laptop, cash, camera, wrist-watch, cell phone, jewelry, etc. are not allowed to deposit in the pigeon hole. The university will not be responsible for these valuables of the users.
  4. The library has no accountability in case of damage or theft of personal belongings left unattended inside/outside the library.
  5. Library staff will not be responsible for safety of deposited materials that are not collected on the same day.

Library Location
Plot: 99 (10th floor), Block: C, Road: 11, Banani, Dhaka – 1213, Bangladesh.

Library Hour

User Services

Sunday to Wednesday       09:00 am – 6:00pm
Friday                                  09:00 am – 8:30pm
Saturday                             10:00 am – 8:30pm

Closed on public holidays

Students will need to get clearance from library prior to receive transcript /certificate. Book(s) must be returned on or before the due date to avoid fines.

Note: University authority reserves the rights to make any change/amend of the above mentioned rules when necessary.