Advisor and Members


Shahriar Mohammad Kamal

Advisor, Social Club

Canadian University of Bangladesh

Message from the Advisor

Social club is a unique and exciting experience at Canadian University of Bangladesh. While you are here, you will meet hundreds of people and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Be sure to explore each of the social events with an open mind so you can make the best choice for your CUB university experience. With plenty of social clubs events on campus, chances are there to get engaged with humanitarian works which will help to shape you as a good human being. I wish you the best as you discover new friendships and ways to get involved.s

Executive Members



Sadman Sakib


Riyashad Azim Toha

Vice President

Md Rasel

General Secretary

Zafi Hasan Orko


Tasfia Samir

External Communications

Arif Abdal

Publicity Manager

Rafiqul Alam Sojib

Event Manager

Abrar Rahman

Head of Volunteers male

Nusrat Masud

Head of Volunteers female