CUB MUN club aims at encouraging students having knowledge of international affairs, research, understanding of parliamentary procedures and diplomacy, analytical reasoning, problem solving, professionalism in negotiation, oral and written presentation of ideas, etc. by simulating the United Nations. It is meant to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues.


CUB MUN Club will prepares students for the future and empowers them to be a part of decision making at all levels by working together as a team, drawing from the past and present. It will also help to build an international Youth Decision Making Body where the voice of youth is heard worldwide. This club will also ensure that every member of the CUB MUN Club understands the current geo-political situation and problems faced by individuals residing not only in the vicinity, but also in the remote corners of the World. In brief, it will instill compassion in every student, and encourage them to promote world peace.

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