Media and Photography Club

Media and Photography Club

In today's world it is impossible to survive without the media. As a student of Film and Television department, it is important to know all the latest issues in film and television world. The Canadian University of Bangladesh Media and Photography Club (CUBMPC) started its journey in 13th October, 2013. It is a student led organization. Here members can experience and learn about the fascinating media and entertainment industry. Also a member learns and develops his/ her skills on emerging technologies of new media and communication to get engaged with the mainstream industry

About us


The vision of CUB Media and Photography Club is to make the students interested in film, television and photography. It also works to stimulate student interest in organizing media workshops, gaming programs, seminars, public speaking, film screenings, talk shows, field visits, entrepreneurship, publications and other educational events.


To promote the image of Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB).

To develop students' talents in all the related film, television and media tools along with channels of distribution.

To develop student’s appreciation for campus experience through knowledge, technology and communication skills.

Our Events and Activities

ENGLISH DAY celebration on 13th July, 2019 at the Auditorium of CUB