MBA Club

The MBA Club at the Canadian University of Bangladesh is your gateway to experiencing life outside of the classroom. As a member, you will have an opportunity to take part in student-run events and activities, and make use of the limitless resources that are made available by the MBA Club. In general, the motto of MBA Club may be described: “Alumni, students, family and friends”. MBA Club is a unique platform for making liaison with people from different academic and industry backgrounds for sharing their knowledge and experience, as well as their corporate contacts, which drives to robust position in the corporate industry. MBA Club lets it members to advance professional competencies, support one another with information and knowledge, as well as build and assimilate the environment of Graduates and students of all programmes.

About us


Our mission is to:

To develop innovative business thinking skills of all MBA club members by extending learning outside the classroom, work in partnership with industry & corporate leaders and alumni and enhancing the skills that are vital to securing a top-notch job or internship.

To provide students with resources to gain the competitive business know-how and continuous real-world engagements to hone their skills.

Develop an effective forum (through corporate speakers, workshops, etc. on university campus) for club members to acquire knowledge about latest happening in various businesses.

Educate club members on the different professional opportunities accessible to them where they can influence their MBA education in an ground-breaking and creative way.


Our vision is to make the MBA club the most valuable platform for students and alumni who wants their involvement in pursuing their career in the corporate industry.


MBA club has determined the following objectives within the statutory MBA scope of activities which will be carried out:

  • Formation of business information exchange core for MBA Programmes Alumni
  • Organization and development of managerial skills of the members of MBA Club
  • Promotion of MBA Alumni at the labour market
  • Organisation of meetings and panel discussions, regarding integration and collaboration with government and other, non-governmental organisations, within the current topics on management and economical situation in Bangladesh and world.
  • Organisation of sport and re-creation events integrating society of managers and their families.

The objectives and tasks we will assign to ourselves and our peers will require the highest professionalism. Professionalism, which is the core value build into the Master of Business Administration program in the School of Business at the Canadian University of Bangladesh.