Maritime Science Club

Maritime Science Club

The Shipping and Maritime Science (SMS) department within the School of Science and Engineering has taken the necessary initiatives for the inception of its very own departmental club named “Maritime Science Club”. The club brings graduate student mentors together with small groups of students to conduct fun and engaging scientific research and investigations. It includes a focus on long-term, academically-focused relationships among youth club members, practicing professionals and industry experts.

Why join us

The club has been inaugurated in order to promote socializing and co-curricular activities among the SMS students. Through carefully designed various activities this club is expected to ensure balance education for the overall general development of the students. Furthermore, as the maritime science discipline itself offers a wide range of multidisciplinary topics, such as, inter alia, engineering, navigation, safety, oceanography and marine environmental protection, the students are also expected to develop the corporate environmental and social responsibilities by participating in various club activities. This approach, together with the direct contact teaching hours is expected to enhance the applied knowledge bank of the students and enable them to be a responsible local, as well as global citizen.

About us


Develops the skill of our students to pursue successful professional on maritime industry, including science-education, and to meet the scientific demands of modern shipping. MSC will develop awareness of students in environmental issues and increase their participation in the building of safe, healthy, environmentally vibrant shipping on clean ocean.


The focus of the club will be to enrich students' lives through extracurricular, as well as, service activities related to scientific research on exploitation of resources from sea, regional maritime connectivity and move the industry towards green shipping.


  • To develop relation with the stakeholders of maritime sector in Bangladesh.
  • Organize various seminars and workshops about global shipping and maritime transportation with the collaboration of industry experts.
  • To organize public awareness program about maritime pollution among the coastal people of Bangladesh.
  • To carry out scientific maritime research for the Blue Economy of Bangladesh.
  • To create strong linkage between academic affairs and extra curriculum activities.

Our Events and Activities