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Career Counselling and Placement Cell (CCPC)

Career Counselling and Placement Cell (CCPC) has been established in Canadian University of Bangladesh with a view to facilitate its students to secure internships and jobs in business and other organizations. Five key features of CCPC are outlined below:

CCPC regularly conducts programs like organizing seminars, doing mock interviews, having workshops on developing soft skills, communication skills, corporate culture, writing resume/CV, writing cover letter, and seminar on etiquette and manner to enable the students to present themselves for the job interviews. CCPC usually makes one-to-one counselling with the students.

As a part of the effort, CCPC offers placement services which is to establish connections with renowned corporate houses so that the students can do internships and get job placement into these firms.

CCPC also organizes job fair where companies come and promote themselves and interested students get the chance to meet those companies and show their interests in doing internship or job. This is an effective way to build connections with companies and move forward in their careers.

CCPC also conducts seminars on writing resume and cover letter. Students get opportunity to know how to write resume and cover letter in a professional manner in these seminars,

Apart from all these career counselling activities, CCPC also advice and counsel students on any career related issues they face.

The regular and specific activities of the CCPC are:

  • Knowledge building sessions.
  • Training in basic communication skills.
  • Guidance for competitive exams.
  • Training on ICT.  
  • Seminar on career awareness.
  • Training on freelance
  • Motivational lectures.
  • Motivation for self-employment and entrepreneurship development. 
  • Information about emerging career opportunities.
  • Career fair.
  • Writing resume and cover letter.
  • Counselling for admission in foreign universities.

So do not hesitate to come and join Career Counselling and Placement Cell (CCPC) to get your desired services to move your career forward.

Contact Person:

Mr. Mostaquim-Al-Islam
Assistant Professor, School of Business,
Canadian University of Bangladesh.
Phone: +8801778617487