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International Student Admission Policy

International students seeking for admission are always encouraged by Canadian University of Bangladesh as it deserves to be well known worldwide. External candidate must meet the primary requirements for admission. Disciple can email us for admission related information or physically can visit campus. Our International Students Affair will assess the academic results of a student for evaluative recommendation.

  • Application Process
  • International Students candidate must submit all the related result documents like mark sheets & certificates.
  • International Students are required to submit a Student’s/Parent’s/Guardian’s bank solvency certificate and Bank Statement. to identify his/her capability to complete the degree from Canadian University of Bangladesh. The Record or Statement of Accounts can be either in the student's name or the Guardian/Parent(s) name.
  • Visa, passport copy, & local residential address, email address, Phone/Mobile Number of own countries are mandatorily required for managing admission/Offer letter.
  • After arrival in Bangladesh, the candidate must physically be present within 48 hours to Canadian University of Bangladesh and Submit, provide arrival air ticket, and inform residential address in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Phone/ Mobile Number (If changes, should be informed in writing to the Registrar office within 24 hours).
  • Also need to Submit Medical Report from an authentic medical Centre recognize by the University to ensure his/her physical fitness. It The report must include an authentic document proving that he/she is not having any grave diseases like hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, HIV and Ebola. They must do all these Test from a Standard Medical Diagnostic Center. The University will provide the names of their authorized medical centers.
  • Application closing date is available in the website. International Students are requested to contact at least 2 months prior of closing date of a semester due to long process.
  • A Student must manage his or her own residential house in Bangladesh. University authority or any member of the university is not responsible for it.
  • Pay all required academic fees in BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
  • Admission Form: International Students may download/collect the soft copy of admission form available in website. In such case $10 will be charged in addition to the admission fees while enrollment.

  • Special Notes
  • International Students are advised to communicate with the Director of International Students affairs and their respective Embassy/High Commission in any case of emergency.
  • University will not be responsible for arranging Visas for any Foreign Students but will provide information to the embassy (if required).
  • Please be informed that the inclusion of any false information or submission of fake academic documents would constitute grounds for dismissal from the university.
  • A Letter of Certification – in both English and Bangla – is issued to the applicant, upon receipt of which he/she can contact the nearest Bangladesh Embassy and apply for a student visa to come into Bangladesh.

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